the death of jim loney is a good book and this is good news

I am excited because Jack Morgan's Stormy Petrel Press will release a chapbook of my short-short prose called And the Shoes on the Cables Are There for the Angels Real Sturdy Thing in early 2009. Read the title story a story by clicking on the link there. The chap will have like nine things in it, I think. The picture included here won't be the cover because that would be pretentious.

Here's what I don't understand: if you saw that picture happen in real life, happened to glance up and see all that, you would feel good. But if you take a picture of it and make it the cover of a book, that's pretentious. Who do I blame for this? Nixon? Walter Benjamin? Don't say "Oh, that wouldn't be pretentious." It would. We need real solutions here. We need to put country first.

Both of my chapbooks are forthcoming from San Francisco. Thank you, San Francisco. Your train stops at midnight, but you're a good kid.

UPDATE: The chapbook will now be called Real Sturdy Thing. Thank you to Gabe Durham for the help.


gabe durham said...

Congrats dude! That's awesome news.

ryan call said...

yes i like this change

good stuff