magic helicopter interview

Kelly Spitzer was kind enough to ask me a few questions about Magic Helicopter Press and help spread the word. I'll announce it here and on the website when Mary Miller's and Ben Buchholz's chaps are physical and ready to ship. Probably mid-November, along with NOÖ 9's online release. The chaps are $6: $3 for the press and $3 for the author. I'll add that to the website when I get home because I think it's important to know where the $$ goes, especially these days. For now, you can pre-order at the website or think about how cool it is that Kelly's front page is 2/3 people who live in the same house.

I feel, in the post-Lin parlance, like "units are moving."


Shane Jones said...

that was fun to read. good job and good luck with the press.

Mike Young said...

Thanks, Shane! We already have people pre-ordering Mary's chapbook. I'm stoked.

Important-Ass News said...

This just in:

units are not moving.