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PopMatters is running a good primer on how country and rap are pretty much the same thing. The article's hook ("the truth is that they have more in common than their devotees are likely to admit") is a little disingenuous to anyone who grew up in areas where all everybody listened to was 1) rap and 2) country, but whatever. Articles need hooks.

Also there is a little bit of salty and unconvincing work toward showing what happens when these genres "collaborate," but it's unconvincing only because it tries to set things up on a good-or-bad scale ("Kid Rock is bad, but Nappy Roots is good!"), when the point is that these collaborations are bound to be wacky and tense, for all the reasons the article does such a good job at listing: economic envy, misogyny, etc.

Plus there's probably some sort of wild-eyed sharecropper/slave thesis to get into, which sounds a little big, right? Anyway, I'm sure somebody's already trotted that one out.

The point is: good work, Juli Thanki!


counter argument to one line in the poem "eh is right" which is below this post right now but may not be in the future

Thanks to Brian Foley's sharp eyes, here is a terrific NY Times profile on Lewis Hyde, author of The Gift. I wrote a post about the idea of a "gift economy" for HTMLGIANT. It makes me sound like a real person, or at least a public intellectual.

And anyway, "gift economy" getting a bad rap in the poem is just because the poem is about the idea of "two people," and sometimes pairs really hate crowds.


when you say lightning bug, you mean a cloud with the flu?


Drop me off first. Then spend the night
in the parking lot of the funeral home
where two of these men dropped a casket
almost, got it back up, then high-fived.
Amateur opera singers do their own makeup.
The higher you go, the more your face gets
installed. Then it dries and waits for your
approval. I keep getting submitted to
withdrawal. We all say things none of us
believe, like "gift economy." Or "wait."
Each surface is buffed by the quality of
sleep available there. Certain people you
care about and then I care about you
a lot more. Antique vendors swarm the
house for what the significant didn't want.
The owner of a go-kart track urges his
friends to help him build a fire-resistant
tower around everything he loves, which was
not the original plan. "Make it about more
than one thing," I told you, and then you
told me I told you, and I felt stupid.
The fireman pours shampoo on a robin
and washes it up in his red bucket hat.
Tell me how you really feel and if it
helps, I'll pretend that you're asleep.


you'll undress me in that tone, young man

Like a blueberry of hope, the new web journal SIR! has at long last released its first issue. The good news is that despite the delay, the issue is absolutely fabulous. Really good poems and strange, arresting little narrative joints from these folk:

Chad Reynolds, Noah Falck, Blake Butler, Scott Garson, Mike Young (hi), Juliet Cook, Brooklyn Copeland,
Rauan Klassnik, Peter Berghoef, Elisa Gabbert, Ryan Walsh, Carl Annarummo, Peter Schwartz, Zachary Schomburg & Emily Kendall Frey, Sean Kilpatrick, Julia Cohen, Charles Lennox, Shane Jones,Spencer Troxell, Brandon Hobson, Nicolle Elizabeth, Nathan Logan, and William Walsh.

It's an awesome new online journal. Really. I just came home from talking about Virginia Woolf and read the whole thing. Good work, Brian Foley!


mc oroville pub

I've got a collage piece from MC Oroville's Answering Machine up at the lovely new journal Rain Fade. Check it out.


okay then


--Kenneth Patchen

Take the useful events
For your tall.
Red mouth.
Blue weather.
To hell with power and hate and war.

The mouth of a pretty girl...
The weather in the highest soul...
Put the tips of your fingers
On a baby man;
Teach him to be beautiful.
To hell with power and hate and war.

Tell God that we like
The rain, and snow, and flowers,
And trees, and all things gentle and clean
That have growth on the earth.
White winds.
Golden fields.
To hell with power and hate and war.