you'll undress me in that tone, young man

Like a blueberry of hope, the new web journal SIR! has at long last released its first issue. The good news is that despite the delay, the issue is absolutely fabulous. Really good poems and strange, arresting little narrative joints from these folk:

Chad Reynolds, Noah Falck, Blake Butler, Scott Garson, Mike Young (hi), Juliet Cook, Brooklyn Copeland,
Rauan Klassnik, Peter Berghoef, Elisa Gabbert, Ryan Walsh, Carl Annarummo, Peter Schwartz, Zachary Schomburg & Emily Kendall Frey, Sean Kilpatrick, Julia Cohen, Charles Lennox, Shane Jones,Spencer Troxell, Brandon Hobson, Nicolle Elizabeth, Nathan Logan, and William Walsh.

It's an awesome new online journal. Really. I just came home from talking about Virginia Woolf and read the whole thing. Good work, Brian Foley!


Mo said...


i remember seeing some of these poems before...

nice job, chit-chap-chops.

Mike Young said...

Thank you, sir.

I'm banking that people don't have photographic memories of my blog. Photogenic memories, maybe.

James said...

"We sold matching track suits to buy each other matching track suits!"

Best O. Henry updating ever. Congrats.