is this a sitcom or a sycamore?

Kendra Grant Malone tagged me to say seven things about myself. I like her list because they are all facts. Normally I hate talking about myself.

"'I hate talking about myself,' he said, reading it out loud."

So here are seven things about me that are all quotes from shit I have already written. Yes, Depression-era conservation values.

1) "Why is Kenneth Koch still dead? He's the only one I miss."
2) "I've never been that good at taking naps."
3) "Do you dream in verses? No, I dream in consumer reports."
4) "I want my lovers back inside my closet like my favorite coats."
5) "I want to sing like a taxi cab."
6) "I've considered buying Tazers as a gift for all my friends."
7) "When I turn my face under the cold faucet, I am trying to divorce my head."

Tags to seven blog people:

Bryan Coffelt
Alex Burford
Jack Christian
James Yeh
Heather Christle
Evelyn Hampton
Rachel B Glaser


Rachel B. Glaser said...

R arely throws a bullseye dart
A ches in her bones
C urious
H as a collection of tiny toothpastes
E lepahant lover
L oony Tunes fan

G lorious

Mike Young said...

wait you have a collection of tiny toothpastes?

Rachel B. Glaser said...

I could bring them back to Massachusetts, butt Im afraid of what could happen