squash lasagna

I am officially in Ashland for a week. Here's what I want to do: see my friends, eat pilgrimage at a predrawn list of incomparable restaurants (already down: Morning Glory), wander around the red and spread out light of a Western mountain town for a while, get a Lot of Writing done in Bryan's and Willie's house while they are at their own work, go to The Beanery, which is not at all a good restaurant but for which I have sentimental whirrings, generally indulge in the nostalgia I never allow myself because it's annoying to reward your own memory for simply existing, see Synechdoche, NY a third time (check), maybe visit the chocolate factory, play Bryan's guitars, feel okay about the rain because the rain here is comfortable, not made of steak knives, which it's made of in Massachusetts. There. It's always good to end on a fact.

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