what is with the internet and offensive fish?

I have a new collage piece from MC O up at the venerable Shampoo. Other contributors include hotties like Patrick Duggan and Jordan Davis, plus a monkey from Randy Thurman, who has an old man in the new NOÖ, out soon.

I read MC O again the other night and felt like it was written by someone else. I like it. I am proud of it. It will clear up a lot of misconceptions about rural Northern California's "personality," which is not an oxymoron, not if you try hard enough, like if you paint a snake on a cow. Puff a dart into a cow. Paint a snake on it. Rachel Ray. Who cares about personality. Whole Foods doesn't show up in MC O. I'm just not that kind of kid.

My heart's been feeling weird lately. Spinning out and drifting to the corners. Here in the pit crew, we're like "it's Talladega, motherfucker, wake up, drive left, what are you doing, that's the grass" but my heart thinks the driver's seat is a dentist's waiting room. My heart's got his helmet off. I don't even think he's got his foot on the clutch.


Maurice Burford said...

When can I buy MC O?

When I have enough fucking money.

I want to drizzle chocolate sauce on it and drizzle it all over my naked body and then onto you and then we could roll in it, in public and call it a poetry reading.

Mike Young said...

logan ryan smith is the gentleman to ask, dearest mo mo