"just so you know, after you’re done reading this you might have some slime somewhere on you"

Monsters of Oak Mountain is my new favorite online literary magazine.

An excerpt from "Ferlley:"

Ferlley has a slimy body because he is kin to slugs and he has twenty-one eyeballs to see everything that goes on. He has sharp teeth to chew and scare. He also has sharp pinchers to show how tough he is. He also has a little buddy named Fimmie! Fimmie is his best friend and always hangs out with Ferlley because they look so much alike and act so much alike. Ferlley is also half duck.



haha wow that rules

gabe durham said...

"My monster's eyes have people in them."
- Bryce Y.

Daniel Bailey said...

this is awesome.

James said...

dude. massive post on htmlgiant. massive. epic props. so on point you're impaled and bleeding genius onto the floor

Mike Young said...

hahahaa thanks james!