a squirrel snuck into the breaker room [aka] YOU THINK A PICTURE OF TWO UNICORNS FORNICATING IS FUNNY?!?!

From Julia Cohen [Mike's comments in brackets]:

I'm pleased to announce that the third issue of Saltgrass is out, featuring these fine poets & writers:

Eric Baus, CAConrad [coolest person alive], Jessica deCourcy Hinds, Johannes Goransson [a new quarantine is the new poetry], Kate Greenstreet [very nice person and terrific poet; i showed her where the soda machine was in the SOU library once], Brenda Iijima, Kristi Maxwell, Sawako Nakayasu, Keith Newton, Joshua Poteat, Joy Rhoades, Ken Rumble [one of my favorite poets], Matt Sumell, Chris Tonelli [chris still wants to know about the crayon party; chris, nothing much happened at the crayon party, but everybody there was very cool; jack and i drew funny things on the wall, and the girls left us positive feedback on couchsurfing.com that said they wished we'd hung out more], and Mike Young [really likes breakfast food and cowboy shirts].

It's just waiting for you to read it. The basics:

$5.00 print journal. You can order the issue online & read sample poems at www.saltgrassjournal.blogspot.com.

Please pass on the good word.


Julia published one of my favorite MC Oroville poems in this issue (I'm officially pretending someone else wrote it from here on out) and all of these other people are amazing, so you should buy this instead of eating fake roses.

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Chris Tonelli said...

man...what a waste of a good crayon party. post some photos at least! sheesh.