i was falling out of the sky at you and yelling move move

Wow. Thanks, Chicago. AWP was obscenely amazing.

I met so many people I wanted to meet. Highlight for me, the me of me and maybe nobody else, was to witness the mingling of friends from such different places--Massachusetts, Oregon, New York, Internetia--around common devotions/jokes.

I will do a big sort of post on AWP, maybe, maybe, here or on the GIANT, just to talk about all the cool people and things and trains and tequila and beef, but know this: the cabs in Chicago are very cheap. Chicago is not that cold, but the wind: okay. There you win.


daniel bailey said...

mike, you wonderful man you. i'm thrilled that i got to finally meet you this weekend.

Jamie Iredell said...

Hey Mike, It was great to meet you!

Mike Young said...

you too jamie!

and you of course daniel are my darling plush donut of midwestern drunken joy