rather talk with the pillow than the mirror

Hey team, I've got two poems out in the brand new and beautiful Jellyfish, edited by Gale Thompson. The poems are called "Do You Pray In The Shower?" (BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE POSTED ON THE BLOG!) and "Lovesong With Civic Responsibility." (MAYBE I POSTED THIS A LONG TIME AGO, NOT SURE, DEFINITELY EDITED SINCE THEN) Auxiliary reality trivia: the horse is a real horse, and yes you can do that with ping pong balls.

Jellyfish is full of awesome folk, including (counting Gale) 4/6 of my band! And my old housemate! And both dudes who live where that housemate and I used to live! Okay, this is getting weird. I am just going to shut up and tell you who's in it now: Zach Savich, Caroline Cabrera, me-zee, Adam Cogbill, David Bartone, Christopher Cheney, Anne C. Holmes, Jeff Downey, Ari Feld, Lily Ladewig, Philip Muller, Kimberly Abruzzo, Shannon Luders-Manuel, Stokely Klasovsky, Miranda Dennis, Jared Sinclair, Christopher Cheney.

Check it out! Good work all! Summer tour announcement coming this weekend.


time's a mood that we cater to

This is Jack and Julia, the jewels of Virginia, walking the rails that prickle through Charlottesville out to UVA and--presumably--back. We saw a dead skunkrat. Some guy on a bicycle stopped and ran over and peered close. "If I gave you a million dollars," he asked us, "would you eat it?" He and Jack agreed that it sucks to get your asshole done ate out. Then our new friend left and waved at our new friend who wouldn't be leaving much of anything. He said, "See you on Survivor little buddy!"

I'm about to post some pretty exciting news and also a "summer tour schedule." Will I be in your town? Maybe I'm already there? It's a good question, what with the hours I make and all the laundry I get done. But school, at least, is over for the summer. Been singing some songs with good folks: cinnamon urns and popsicle cakes. Shaved! Fried some plantains. Got one pair of shoes fixed. Conducted myself a little like an emotional pinball and a little like emotional skeet. Received a peanut butter candy bar and three really nice eggs as presents of condolence. Back in Virginia, I cooked some bacon by way of headlamp. Fairly sure I'll need to buy myself a new computer before the year's out, but pretty happy with my shampoo.


if you like him so much why don't you run him over

My friend Jack Christian and I are going to be reading Sunday, May 3rd at 7:30 PM at The Darjeeling Cafe in Staunton, VA with Jack Morgan, who will definitely be hosting and maybe reading too. I think I only know one person (besides Jack M.) who lives in the area, but I would like many readers of this blog to come and believe that they are that one person, which they will exultingly be.

I've never been to Virginia! I'm excited. Lovely bogfolk, please tell me things to do over the weekend in Virginia. If I take a picture of myself or others doing your thing and post that picture on this blog and you identify a thing you asked to have done, I will send you a free copy of any Magic Helicopter Press title, your choice, current or forthcoming. I promise to take at least three pictures of myself or others doing things.