rather talk with the pillow than the mirror

Hey team, I've got two poems out in the brand new and beautiful Jellyfish, edited by Gale Thompson. The poems are called "Do You Pray In The Shower?" (BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE POSTED ON THE BLOG!) and "Lovesong With Civic Responsibility." (MAYBE I POSTED THIS A LONG TIME AGO, NOT SURE, DEFINITELY EDITED SINCE THEN) Auxiliary reality trivia: the horse is a real horse, and yes you can do that with ping pong balls.

Jellyfish is full of awesome folk, including (counting Gale) 4/6 of my band! And my old housemate! And both dudes who live where that housemate and I used to live! Okay, this is getting weird. I am just going to shut up and tell you who's in it now: Zach Savich, Caroline Cabrera, me-zee, Adam Cogbill, David Bartone, Christopher Cheney, Anne C. Holmes, Jeff Downey, Ari Feld, Lily Ladewig, Philip Muller, Kimberly Abruzzo, Shannon Luders-Manuel, Stokely Klasovsky, Miranda Dennis, Jared Sinclair, Christopher Cheney.

Check it out! Good work all! Summer tour announcement coming this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Both Christopher Cheney(s)?

Mike Young said...

the poet and the presence