steal all yr yellow bikes: MC Oroville's Answering Machine now available

MC Oroville's Answering Machine is out now for $3.50 from Transmission Press. Many thanks to Logan Ryan Smith, who is publishing lovely multicolored versions of this poetry chapbook. Poems? Of BBQ sauce collage, kidnapped lyrics, detuned fiddles, coleslaw, horse teeth, police tape, Skoal, 49er kitten lectures, casino buffets, lye and chub, bowling alley parking lots, and featuring 2 1/2 allusions to Kenneth Patchen’s Hallelujah Anyway.

Basically: Oroville's newspaper has this section called the Openline where you can call in and say anything and they'll print it. Oroville also has an official rapper named MC Oroville, except he moved to the Bay Area. MC Oroville's Answering Machine is like what would happen if a mythic version of Oroville left mythic messages on its departed MC's mythic answering machine of myth.

Read Hello, MC Oroville?

Read Feather Falls Casino Buffet

Read The 49er's Kitten Lecture

I will make a more official page for the book on my site soon, but you should snag a copy. $3.50 is a good deal, I think? Two years or so in the making! Holy geez! BBQ sauce! I'm going to be in Oroville on Sunday! BBQ mustache for the win!


gabe said...

Bought it! Congrats, buddy.

Mike Young said...

thanks dude!