sorry, no, jensen actually has the cutest kids

My friend Jensen's new post reminds me that I've been lax on posting about a few new things that I have work in. So here we go:

QUICK FICTION 15: A whole bunch of crazy good short shorts in this lovely munchkin, including stories by exactly all of these people (omg I'm getting so many Google Alerts hits off this, yo): Jami Brandli, Andrew Brininstool, Randall Brown, Kenneth Calhoun, Elizabeth Ellen, Scott Garson, Lydia Copeland, Stefan Kiesbye, Andrea Kneeland, Charles Lennox (who's got good stuff in the new FRiGG too), Sean Lovelace, Jen Marquardt, Lee Martin, Michael Meyerhofer, Taylur Thu Hien Ngo, Dylan Nice, G. C. Perry, Andrew Michael Roberts, Helen Klein Ross, Joanna Ruocco, James Scott, Don Strange, Jensen Whelan, Daniel E. Wickett, Blythe Winslow, Spencer Wise, me, and Mabel Yu.

ROBOT MELON 9: It's online, plus a color wheel and a lot of linguistic crunch on top of a high dose of what, what's it called, a sort of silk mumble? Good stuff. I have a poem in it and these sweet things are doing their sweet rings: Ani Smith, Jenna Humphrey, Sean Lovelace, Lisa Ciccarello, Heather Momyer, James Iredell, Peter Berghoef, Justin Hyde, Michelle Reale, Maria Anderson, Justin Dobbs, Arelene Ang, Duncan Cheshire, Andrew Rihn, Audri Sousa, Andrew Lundwall, Sonny Traylor, and Donald Dunbar.

LETTERBOX #4: Haven't seen it yet, but I'm excited for the gawk. My poem in this is dedicated to somebody, but you have to figure out who. It's like poetry meets the Knights Templar or whatever. Seems like a good shoulder to shoulder: Ed Baker, Jennifer Cooper, Melissa Eleftherion, Raymond Farr, Marco Giovenale, Vincent Katz, Richard Kostelanetz, Pablo Lopez, Charlie Malone, Richard Meier, Christopher Mulrooney, K. Silem Mohammed, Sara Mumolo, Sophie Pucill, Stephen Ratcliffe, Francis Raven, and Kit Robinson.

Plus I have a story in the new print issue of Hobart, but I am waiting for the DVD style website to post that. But I am super excited. The issue is good, and my story is illustrated by a trailer home hidden in the woods--or, I mean, I like to think it's hidden, brewing mint soda and so on.

Thanks y'all! Hope your summer is going well!


sick in your room at your summer camp job? conquer goodreads!

Most all Magic Helicopter stuff and MC O is now on GoodReads. You should add these if you have them/have read them. Maybe you should even write reviews! Starfish!

MC Oroville's Answering Machine
Dragons With Cancer
Thirteen Stares
Let's Collaborate
Less Shiny


The Six Definitive Rules of Contemporary Poetry as Figured Out By a Classroom of Twelve Year Olds

1) Inconsistent
2) Doesn't stay on topic
3) Doesn't explain anything
4) Abundance of assertions
5) Mixes objective/subjective until you can't tell the difference.
6) Is it funny or is it serious? No one knows.