NOÖ 10!

NOÖ [10]online!

Check it out. Here is some trivia: one of my poetry heroes, Ron Padgett, is in this issue. He seems like a really generous and funny guy from emailing back and forth with him. He didn't like the double dash in lieu of actual em dash in front of the author names on the pages, but that's okay. I think once he sees the final issue he will like it better. NOÖ is full of broken boxes. That's how the chitterlings get in and out.

The cover is a photo found by Superbomba Lucy Diamond-Phillips. Hers is the best collection of found photography on the internet. Several of her pieces appear in the issue. The photo in this post is from her too. I'm going to name my sixth or seventh child Superbomba, unless you just hurry up and let me name yours, dear blog reader. I feel like we're "there" in our relationship.

Ryan Call, my co-editor, found a typo in Kim Chinquee's story "One Below," a line that went "Some bit hit" that should've went "Some big hit." Except, I thought it was a turn of phrase, not a typo. We made a bet. Ryan was right. Now I have to upload a picture of me from my childhood and post it on NOÖ's blog. But I don't have any on my computer. Mom and Dad, it would be funny if you guys found one from my tenth birthday. I don't know how you'd know, but it would be funny. Also you can find one from any birthday and lie and tell me it's from my tenth birthday and I will believe you. Unless, like, I have a beard in the photo.

Other things: running through the crosswalk, sugar cookie as a paint color, a camouflage sun hat, "She likes ham! She does magic!", I need a bike, jean shorts are the new jean shorts, feel positive about my fiber intake, and I want to be the official writer of people who wear nylon gloves, except they can only find one, except three of the holes in that one glove are punched out, except which holes are punched out changes daily, sometimes hourly, sometimes just depending on the moon.

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