velvet elvis and secondhand clothes

This is one of the best Alan Jackson songs ever. Now with meerkats.

Things I'm going to do today: make jean shorts, read Willa Cather, work on uploading NOÖ 10. You should read Campbell McGrath's American Noise if you've never done that. Let's browse a river like it's a real estate catalog. Let's make fun of our own shoes. If anybody wants it, there's a king's robe in my kitchen closet. We didn't even lose the sash. What if I ate only bananas and multivitamins for a week-- is that a good idea? Carrots don't give you night vision. Thanks, British Air Force. Right before I took a shower today, I accidentally put my boxers in a bowl of peppers, but they were the clean boxers, the boxers of the future.

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