We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough will be a brook you can swim in

Some cool news to share with friends, and I think I'm officially allowed to share now that it's on the catalog page: My first full length poetry book, We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough, will be coming out from Publishing Genius Press in 2010. I like PGP a lot: they publish really awesome stuff that slices the whatever between charm nuts and heart knock like some kind of excellent fencer. Including a neon war balloon of a novel whose film rights were recently bought by Spike Jonze.

Anyway, I am very excited to be working with PGP and the breakdancing soul genius of Adam Robinson, to be publishing a book, to be sharing this news with you. Mizz Chels, famous Oakland fortune teller and confused helmet owner, is doing the cover art. The book is about one face plus or minus another.

A favor: might people suggest things I can do to get people excited about the book? When it comes time for that. Like things I can do that aren't stupid? Like if I tried to bake pretzals with poems embedded, I might end up stupid at that and then no one would like me or my stupid book.

To close: thank you everyone who has read my poems or helped me write them, and thanks as well to everyone who has given me a ride or let me taste something on their plate, acts that go too often unthanked. I've got video of the Bay Area Reading Tour and all the eclairs* (*an eclair is a really cool person) involved, but I have to edit it. First here is a love song that I made on my toy guitar in Oroville and June. It's probably about you:


I know your arms
Are there for more
Than me to fall into
I know you do things
With your life
And whoa that's pretty cool!

But if you were a parapet
I'd be the gargoyle
And we'd be a two for one deal.
If you were a sugar beet
I'd be the convict who
Slept out all night in your field.

(seventh of the root!)

Mary bless a boy with his sunglasses
He needs all the help he can get
Mary bless a boy with his sunglasses
Right up until the point that he lo(whoo! whoo!)ses it

Sha da da. Sha da da. Sha da da da da daaa --

We dare the world
To rain on us
When we dress up like this
Your brutal disregard
For reality
Is the thing about you I like best

But if you were a marshmallow
I'd be the campfire
That singes your edges just right
If you were a cocoa leaf
I'd be the one percent
Extract illegal to buy

(repeat seventh of root! repeat chorus!)

I see the world. It's just a little dark.
I see the world. It's just a little dark.
I see the world. It's just a little dark.
I see the world. It's just a little dock.
I see the world. It's just a little dock.
I see the world. It's just a little dock.
I see the world. It's just a little dark.
I see the world. It's just a little dock.

Boop da doop da doop doo.


Joseph Massey said...

Terrific news, man!

Bryan Coffelt said...

To promote your book you should make Britney Spears stickers and then plaster them all over Gawker's office door. Err...

I don't know. Go viral or whatever.

Mike Young said...

Thanks guys!

Bryan, can I go bacterial?

claire said...

yay Mike! I think I clicked a link and ended up here. Now I'm excited. To promote the book you should host a signing in Brooklyn where you draw little dinosaurs with empty speech bubbles in peoples' books, then drink beers with us!

Mike Young said...

thanks Claire! my favorite dinosaurs are the ones with tiny, awkward arms and giant teeth

Maurice Burford said...

that is so killer.

you should start doing movies with Johnny Depp about pirates or mobsters.

John Dermot Woods said...


You should take Chelsea's artwork and create some sort of a print or broadside to celebrate the book's birth, and then offer that with pre-order copies. (I did a screenprint for my book, but you could do something more automated and less time consuming.) You could even do a small series of like 4, each featuring a different poem, and give one to each buyer - then people would have different ones. Just an idea...

Mike Young said...

that's a good idea, john. i will talk to chels and adam about it. thanks!