what i saw outside a mexican restauraunt in northampton, ma

Outside the Mexican restaurant were two old gay men, one in a silk buttondown and one with peroxided hair and a New England Patriots Super Bowl t-shirt. They were silent, smoking thin brown cigarettes and holding hands.

Then the one in the t-shirt said "One of these days you know, I hope I just get run over by a dump truck."

It's very hard to get a good burrito in Northampton, but it's a nice place to look at your phone and let it ring.


Dreadymoongurl said...

I like this post Mike and the picture too :) Sorry our conversation got cut off the other day! I lost reception and didn't get it back till we got home at 9 pm tonight. I will call you again soon to say hi and see how you're doing!!

Pet & Gone said...

I ate at this place called 'Little Mexico,' in Ada, Ohio. Ada, Ohio is very small. We went in and it was all white people and they stared at my mexican boyfriend. We ate chicken tenders. I have no idea why it was called Little Mexico. People in Ada, Ohio look like onion farmers, with flannel shirts and sleeves rolled up, wrinkled faces and bushy eyebrows.

mike said...

Hi Holly,

No worries. Have fun camping! Talk to ya soon.

Hi Brandi,

Thank you for the story about the onion farmers. I liked it. They have mosquito foggers in Oroville. People drive trucks up to the hills then spray the town with mosquito fog. I wish they were spraying real fog, but I think it's just chemicals. Ohio seems a lot like Northern California, at least based on the movie Gummo.

M Dube said...
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