take me like a sparkler? more like take me like a fire hazard

The not-actually-from-Britain-and-still-amazingly-lovely-and-nice Ani Smith interviewed me for Writers' Bloc. Read the interview here.

I had a good time with this interview because Ani asked sockjaw questions that made me want to say a lot. Feel like she made want to make interviews my "main genre." She asked questions that were kind of like crescent wrenches if crescent wrenches could hit slice backhands. This got me to say things about Oroville and aesthetics I have never said. Good work, Ani. I recorded a very Oroville-based song for her, which you can listen to by visiting the interview. Also, look at this nice thing she said about MC Oroville's Answering Machine:

MC Oroville’s Answering Machine, made me homesick, an unexpected yet welcome side effect for an American expat. MC O, set in Oroville, California, will show you the wild, lesser known side of America - a side that I obviously favor - through a cast of funny (in both the ‘ha ha’ and ‘queer’ senses) characters who illustrate the unlikely things people choose to care about, the wacky, beautiful and cruel things we do to each other, and the simultaneously amazing and mundane ways we pass the time.

Damn, yo. Thanks for the interview, Ani! Unrelated but hopefully a bonus: here are two videos of my band The Cinnamon Urns playing at Ari and Sara's house in Northampton. Hello Moldova! There are more too. I recommend the Gabe Durham-led Intervention cover and Ari Feld's "Redwing Blackbird".

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