you can't slip on the ice if you're wearing it

New stuff is up at Idiolexicon, helmed ably by Patrick Duggan, Elliot Harmon, and Marcus Merritt. Thanks guys! Read: "All I Want To Ask the Ghosts of Hewitt Park" (from MC Oroville's Answering Machine), "Eh Is Right," "The Giant Who Learned to Dance," and "The Relevant Oh." Those last three are from We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough, that poem book I've got coming out next Summer from PGP that I'm going to be throwing at you on-tour with Rachel B Glaser. Except the giant dancing poem isn't a prose poem anymore. It's a dance. It involves falling all over you. Man, just realized they're making really sexy stagecoaches these days. Keep a look out for those sexy stagecoaches. Let me know if you're robbed.

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