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Hi friends, I am in Portland. Lots of rain and food carts. Bryan Coffelt and Willie Ziebell's apartment has a beautiful view of the river. Lots of leggings, beards, heroin stumbling, street lamps, and friendly beer pontificating. Meeting supersonic folks like Kevin Sampsell, Frayn Masters, and hopefully Michael Schaub. Going to see some folk punk on Friday. Ate a torta and a pita. Cruised through the rain. Strong coffee.

Over at the Fictionaut blog, Meg Pokrass asked me some terrific questions and I tried to give decent answers. Check it out here. Ditto with Josh Bolton for his amazing blog Wolf In a Field, which is full of great stuff. Gawk my contribution here.

And cool news: Word Riot Press is going to put out a collection of my short stories, Look! Look! Feathers, in Fall 2010. Many thanks to Jackie Corley. Very excited to be working with WRP. Thanks to everyone who has published, helped me with, or read any of my stories. The oldest story in the book was begun in 2005. It's about a magic cyst. Being in Portland makes one sort of overwhelmed but very excited about small press literature, since it is so prevalent and healthy here. Must be all that irrigation.


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sounds like a book i want to own

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thanks guys!!