you probably already saw this on HTMLBIGFOOT, but

Kevin Sampsell was nice enough to ask me some questions while I hung out in Portland, and Bryan Coffelt was nice enough to make it all spiffy. Me, meanwhile, I was nice enough to ramble on for eleven minutes and hammer the words "terrific" and "mythology" with freakish consistency.

"I don't have to long for a better thing to tell stories about." from bryan coffelt on Vimeo.


slatted light said...

Going by those opening credits there isn't an immediate future in acting for you, Mike, all your other brilliant talents notwithstanding.

Mel Bosworth said...

well done, mike. enjoyment.

KevinS said...

Did you like how I made up the title of the show right on the spot?! Hahaha.

Mike Young said...


Alas, my acting days were melted down and turned into static electricity to keep my hair like that.


Thanks dude! =)


"A show I shall call: THE FUTURE!"