if you blog about the blogging episode of "House" does the stat counter on your poop go up?

Headed to the California coast with Carolyn. Driving from Humboldt County to L.A, with a stop in the Bay Area. We want to hang out with you. We want to shave redwood bark and cook it in a stew with you. We want to cash this awesome check from the class action lawsuit against CVS with you.

Working hard on Look! Look! Feathers. Here is a random sentence: "We agree with everything you said, all the wows and damn girls."

I am shaggy of late.

There’s no difference distance between connotation and denotation. All language happens in all its capacities.

Consider the difference between:

 I opened my hand to the world.

 I held a hand out.

Did you see all the new rad poetry videos?


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Unknown said...

Hey dragonfly, when I recently met you at Dave & Holly's home for Shabbat the other night, I forgot to mention that I had found a small, dead female sparrow on the side of the 101 on my bike ride earlier that day!


If you were the world, sure, I'd share my hand with you. I'll only open my hand to you if you give me something when I hold it out, though, man!

But, I kid, for I offer these simple lines of digital dyslexia for your happiness. The book of life, a fibonacci'd mosaic of wharp and whoof.

Many thanks and peace, my friend! Safety first!