it's not the town, it's the humidity

Very excited to be a part of the new IsReads, an Adam Robinson/Peter Cole/Kathryn Regina mastercook, by which poems are posted surreptitiously and scrumptiously in cities all across our fine land. Here's my poem "In Case You Were Wondering" outside of some picnic tables in Nashville, near a Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, and in a very appropriate grocery store aisle in Louisville, Kentucky:

Other awesome folks in the new IsReads are Jason Bredle, Heather Christle, Peter Davis, A. Minetta Gould, Edward Mullany (Edward's is Adam Robinson's favorite, I think—it is really good!), AE Reiff, and Matthew Savoca. Visit the site and collect 'em all. You can even sign up to staple poems in your town! Put the peep back in people.

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Bryan Coffelt said...

IsReads kind of reminds me when I used to write poems in the SOU library and place them in random books. Very cool.