changes in altitudes, changes in platitudes

Back from a lovely and surprisingly calm AWP. Great time. Hung out with and met awesome folks. Sweet readings. Packed panel. More soon from beyond the realm of hyper-truncated summary, but for now lemme tell you about some hot new online literary magazine action:

GlitteryPony 10 is a nice round number for a very shiny journal. The new issue features poems by Laura F. Walton (("thou art / fucking incredible")), Paige Taggart ("I wish you understood what it’s like to be dreaming and then fall face first into a blueberry patch"), Jordan Soyka ("Night’s little engines invent this smear of stars and tall grass"), Lori Shine ("In a small move be defeated / make a big move / don’t think about defeat"), Ted Powers ("What must become of us / is the center of our moments; we must become plebiscites"), Nate Pritts ("I am me watching / this happen & this happens"), Peter Gizzi ("I am you the wind says, the wind"), Garth Graeper ("this house was his first breath / and air became his secret / enemy"), JenMarie Davis ("Someone painted nearly all the entries of the town blue"), Julie Doxsee ("Wear my dizzy skin, please, and shh"), and myself ("When you are near me, I am a confident paper boat").

Notnostrums 4, meanwhile, slams into life with the brain scans of Ben Estes and the word baking of Jensen Beach, Brian Mihok, James Haug, Jessica Fjeld, Matthew Rohrer, Dorothea Lasky, Marc Rahe, Boomer Pinches, Daniel Khalastchi, Emily Kendal Frey, Brian Foley, Alex Phillips, Rosanne Wasserman, Jen Tynes, Carson Cistulli, Matt Hart, Blueberry Morningsnow, Michael Comstock, and me.

Thanks to the editors of both the Pony and the Strums. My poems are all from We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough, which will be out in June from PGP, and which I will be reading from on a late June tour with Rachel B Glaser and Natalie Lyalin. Very stoked. Will show you the cover soon! Will be back with AWP recaps! Will drink this iced coffee and wear my new glasses! They have little yellow stars!

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