one step away from public telepathy; we're talking dance step; we're dancing publicly

Alex Ableson, captain of the badass video poetry series POETEEVEE, recently and graciously invited me to read with Deb Gorlin on his Amherst Public Television series POETSEE, so it's sort of like I got to play soccer for the San Francisco Giants.  You can watch my episode online by clicking here (Mac users: you'll need Windows Media Player or some kind of plugin). My parents will be pleased to learn that obscenities such as "fuck," "cum rag," sometimes "shit" (sometimes not), "Derridean blowjobs," and, kind of hilariously, both "meth" and "good ship," have all been flatlined. Older episodes feature such swans as Christopher Cheney, Jack Christian, Dara Wier, and more! Many thanks to Alex.


S. said...

Hmmmm... Ap*parent*ly, Congrats! But, the link did not seem to work. :-( -Mom

John said...

Ah, surely you can remember the times your dear parents did a bit of the flatlining of youngster's lexicon when encouraging you to eat up the last of those kraft dinner morsels you tried to hide under the edge of your plate. Some words fare better never seeing the light of day..

(Nice job BTW..)