sometimes there is a mustache and sometimes it's just the room

Check out the newest Orange Alert Podcast, the Disco Edition, for my strange voice reading a story called "No Such Thing As a Wild Horse," which previously appeared in Juked under a different title. Other bands and readers in the podcast are Jungol, Kathryn Regina (winner of a Moby for best low budget book trailer!), and A Lull (their song is awesome), David Oprava, Rob Swift, Ben Segal (reading from his forthcoming chapbook 'Science Fiction Pornography' from Publishing Genius), YAWN, and CT Ballentine. Many thanks to Jason Behrends for having me.

"No Such Thing As a Wild Horse" features cardboard banditos, Nashville, and the word "rinkydink." It will appear in Look! Look! Feathers. The clever and chivalrous Bryan Coffelt has been working on a cover for LLF that features creepy, surprising toys. Stoked to show it off sometime soon. Until then: horses.


xTx said...

Okay, your OA Podcast piece was amazing. Amazing story, read amazingly. I am glad you provided a link to the written piece because after I listened to it, I really wanted to read it.

High fives.

Mike Young said...

thanks xTx! high fives back atcha