thom jones VS tom jones

Tough call, I know. Perhaps you might be persuaded by a write-up I did for the American Short Fiction blog concerning Thom (with an H) Jones's brilliant story "I Want To Live!" Thanks to the chipper and awesome Stacy Muszynski for asking me to write for ASF about a story I like. Hey, it's Short Story Month! And who woulda thunk it: my friend Rachel B Glaser's story collection Pee On Water is right on time for pre-ordering. Here's where I end the post with a clever reference to a Tom Jones song.


stacy muszynski said...

Sure thing, Mike.

We're always open for friends, lovers, readers, and writers of your work and other quality narrators. Send 'em our way. www.americanshortfiction.org/blog.

Don't forget to submit.

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