WE ARE ALL GOOD IF THEY TRY HARD ENOUGH now available for pre-orders!

Very stoked to announce that the advanced edition of my poetry book, We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough, is now open for pre-orders from Publishing Genius Press for $9. You can read sample poems here, here, and here. To celebrate, I am going to make some eggs with potatoes and show you the picture to your right, which is a visual reenactment of a poem in the book called "My Heart Is a Small Yellow Emoticon Wearing a Cowboy Hat in the Snow."

More info soon, including the dates of a summer reading tour with Rachel B Glaser and Natalie Lyalin! Huzzah!


Unknown said...

Hip-hip hooray!!! ;-)

DB said...

can't wait. what's in the advanced edition?

Mike Young said...

thanks guys!

dan, the advanced edition is the same, content-wise, as the official edition... it just comes out sooner.. adam is doing the advanced editions so rachel and i can have books for the tour, pretty much..