"hello little one i no longer glue / the starfish together with direct & / understandable sadness"

The other day I hallucinated that my apartment had central air. I called my landlord and he straightened me out. I've been cataloging answers to the questions "WHAT IS THE STRONGEST THING YOU HAVE EVER FELT? WHAT IS THE STRANGEST THING YOU HAVE EVER FELT?" by making answers up and making people up to have these answers. If you would like to participate, comment with your answers and I will alter them deviously and appreciatively.

The title of this post comes from a poem by M.A. Vizsolyi in the new Sixth Finch. I also have two poems in the new Sixth Finch. Sixth Finch is one of my favorite online poetry magazines for a few reasons. The first are cosmetic: there is a menu of pieces, but there is also a secret order you can enter by clicking the arrows above any individual piece. This means Sixth Finch aids in the feeling that there is a secret order underpinning everything in the universe, which is a comforting and ridiculous story we tell ourselves, similar to eating ice cream for breakfast. I also like how there are no bios in Sixth Finch, only poems and art. The fact that Sixth Finch has such terrific visual art "alongside" the poems is another reason I like it.

But these reasons, friends, as mentioned, up there, already, you saw it, don't pretend, are cosmetic. The big reason I like Sixth Finch is that I like almost all the poems in every issue. That is rare! Rob MacDonald is doing something right, and by "right" I mean what people always mean when they mean right, which is "I like it." In this issue are really good poems and art from Adam Davis, Andrew Myers, Anthony Zinonos, Ben Mirov, Beth Heppenstall, Chloe Early, Daniel McFarlane, Daniela Olszewska, Harris Johnson, Hollis Brown Thornton, Jacob Whibley, Jennifer Moxley, Jessica Fjeld, Jordan Davis, Leslie Murray, Mark Todd, Martin Rock, Mary Carmack, Mary Mattingly, Masin Persina, Meredith Dittmar, Michael Homolka, M.A. Vizsolyi and Trey Moody.

The two poems I have in this issue are some weird poem about what you should do when you've done things and a very long poem about Massachusetts slash New England, which was fun to write. If you would like me to write probably too long of a poem about your state, please comment with one or three interesting things about your state, and I will do my best.

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