i want kevin costner to make a machine for my funeral too

I wrote a poem after looking at this list of the "top" seven worst man made disasters, and then I sent that poem to Amy King when she put out a call for work to post on the Poets For Living Waters initiative. You can read the poem here. This poem is most likely to appeal if you are secretly impressed by epic man made disasters and counteractively ashamed of your feeling impressed. Please do check out the Poets For Living Waters project: "The first law of ecology states that everything is connected to everything else."

In other Gulf Epic Phail news, Carolyn Zaikowski organized a public mourning walk in Northampton, MA yesterday. We put together this video of the event, which is annotated by a statement Carolyn wrote. The statement is very lyrical and thoughtful: unmired by temporary political myopia or static visionary illusions, and instead concerned with acknowledging timeless facts of people living among other people, on a world, and trying to know—in public and private ways—how to allow ourselves to feel and reckon with tragedies we inflict on that world.

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