Late capitalism tastes like your fingers after Doritos

My apologies if you already saw this elsewhere, but I am stoked to announce that pre-orders are now open for my book of stories, Look! Look! Feathers, which is coming out in December from Word Riot Press. The pre-order price is a few dollars cheaper than the list price will be, so it's a bargain. The stories will appeal to people who like 57% or more of the stuff on this list: magic cysts, peaches, gameshows, electrolytes, necklaces made of bluebird bones, broken armchairs, two-father families, mosquito fog, murals, drivethrough redwoods, and cardboard banditos. Stories from this collection have or will appear in American Short Fiction, Washington Square Review, Hobart, Keyhole, The Collagist and elsewhere. Thanks to Bryan Coffelt for working with me on the cover design and for designing the interior of the book, and to Jackie Corley of Word Riot for all her tireless publishing know-how.

So this means I have a book of poems out in September and a book of stories out in December, which is crazy, and which makes me feel very lucky and grateful to everyone kind in my life. I really would like to blog in a way that isn't just links to other things, but my life is not that interesting besides what happens where the links go. For instance, all I've done of note today is eat grapefruit. Last night I dreamed I was in the castle level of a video game. Someone is wearing boots inappropriate for the weather.

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