"I achieved absolute belief, and it had nothing to do with politics or humanity or any of that shit" — Sampson Starkweather

Hey, I have four chunks from MC Oroville's Answering Machine in the new Action, Yes, along with really cool stuff from other people whose last names fall near the end of the alphabet, including Sampson Starkweather, Matt Reeck, and Jared White. Thank you to John Dermot Woods and Emily Hunt and the whole Action, Yes team. These are some of my favorite MC O chunks. I would consider them "representative." They are all very wild west, but one of them someone told me one time reminded her of growing up in Kansas.


Tyler Gobble said...

Cool to see those online. I think Every Rock Star's Got A Heart Ping is one of my favorites from the book.

Mike Young said...

thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

So is this painting by Sampson Starkweather, or is only the comment his? Thanks