i don't know if you keep the horses blind in the rain but i know someone who does

Today a young man wearing surgeon gloves wanted only to walk across the lawn and sip from his plastic cup. He looked around to make sure he could. A woman told me to be careful on the sidewalk because she'd recently swept a bat out. The bat thuddumped, injured, no take off, and reminded me of a fragile TIE Fighter. "Bummer," I said. DJ Dan was wearing a colorful shirt of the 80s persuasion. Colors were different in the 80s, and many of them happened on a black background. What's the strangest thing you've ever felt? What's the strongest thing you've ever felt?


Kristin said...

Strangest thing: a certain ending.

Strongest thing: love based on a memory brought about by a distinct smell.

Mike Young said...

Kristin, what was something in the room when the ending happened?

What was the smell?