hey are you in michigan

Well, I'm going to be in Ann Arbor, Michigan soon, and so in the UMass football team apparently. What I'm going to pretend is that the football team is there for me and not to lose to the Wolverines. Why am I there? Why for the sake of Serious Literature. Duh.

Rachel B. Glaser, Tao Lin, and I are all reading at Elizabeth Ellen's awesome Great Lakes Great Times reading series. If you happen to, you know, live in Ann Arbor, you should stroll out to see us Sunday @ 5PM at The Neutral Zone (310 E. Washington St).


Tyler Gobble said...

That is such a good reading series. I wish I lived closer! Have fun, Mike.

Mike Young said...

thanks, dude! maybe i will come to indiana next, i have always wanted to do a foot race around the indianapolis speedway