all beauty stands before the world and before the world

I have some new work in Kill Author. Strangest/strongest feeling responses. Check them out, and check out the rest of the issue, which is full of good stuff. Kill Author is edited anonymously. Each issue is fairy godmothered by a different dead author. Vonnegut is the patron saint of this new one, which is cool: "Because we are readers," Vonnegut says, "We don’t have to wait for some communications executive to decide what we should think about next – and how we should think about it. We can fill our heads with anything from aardvarks to zucchinis – at any time of night or day."

For example: there is no such thing as anything that isn't aesthetics. We can smoke by ourselves in the parking lot of KFC, in a truck with the bed missing. We can hang Christmas lights up days before Halloween. We can race with Kirk Cameron in our dream and somehow remember the exact number of the Seavers' house in Growing Pains. We can think the clouds look like ripped up prom dresses. We can tell someone we're fine in an ambulance on the first day of Fall, or we can drive the ambulance, or we can claim that we invented apples, and we can move to the woods where no one will disagree, and where the first day of Fall will look very crisp indeed.


Tyler G said...

Hey Mike. I vouched these responses: http://vouchedbooks.com/2010/10/09/three-responses-by-mike-young-in-kill-author/

Also, I picked up "We're All Good Enough..." last night from Christopher and the Vouched table at the Artifice Reading. Can't wait to dig in.


Mike Young said...

hey dude, thanks for the kind words on vouched! chris n. is awesome. hope you enjoy the book =)