make sure it spins

Today's the official release date for Look! Look! Feathers, which I celebrated by cooking some eggs. A really insightful and generous review of the book by Chris Vola went up yesterday at The Rumpus: check it out.

Today of course also closes 2010. It's been a busy year in this camp. I keep starting and erasing epic summations of the year. But it's too much for me, yo. Maybe at the end of 2011 I will be ready to talk about everything that happened in 2010. Suffice to say, I went up and down both coasts and then some, doing the sunset coast with a girl-carrot I love very much, and along the way I hung out with so many upstanding, beautiful, generous people. We played music and ate burritos and ate chocolate and ate breakfast and saw movies and rode trains and braved a lot of weather. You know who you are. One of the best years of my life, to be honest. Tell me your most secret ambition for 2011 in the comments section and I will make up a barbecue sauce recipe and name it after you.



Thanks Dennis Cooper for putting We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough on your list of favorites from 2010!

obviously janelle monae is better than both of them

Hey, have you ever imagined the William Penn drawing from the Quaker Oats box getting into a anamorphic romantic and activist relationship with a tiny Santa Christmas ornament? So have I! Luckily Metazen was kind enough to collect my enactment of this imagination with many other strange and delightful Christmas-themed stories for their second annual Charity Christmas E-Book, which you can download for free here: http://www.metazen.ca/?p=6141. Metazen raised a few hundred dollars with this e-book to donate to a small business through Kiva. Great work, Canadians. Canadians are also good at curling, sheetrock, and waving vigorously.


slightly stranger versions of what you already know

A person named Emily Temple wrote a nice little crinkle of columns about L!L!F for the Dec/Jan issue of Nylon Guys. Check out a screenshot on her blog. She says: "The collection is a lesson in opposites, in both its push-pull between youth and age and its juxtaposition of sentimentality and irony. It's fresh and weird—and it tugs at the reader in all the right places."

What's more, the forever awesome Michael Schaub included L!L!F in his list of 16 favorite books from 2010, which was imperviously lovely of him (I don't know if that's a real modifier for lovely; it's the first thing that came to my head). Check out his whole list here on the Bookslut blog.

Also, Ryan MacDonald's art class at UMass read poems by Jordan Stempleman and me, and then they made amazing stuffed pillow-like objects. The popcorn to the left is maybe my favorite. In other news, popcorn is a Christmas tree decoration, and life is the bowl of stale leftover popcorn that didn't fit on the tree.


mastadon in a tar pit

A story from Look! Look! Feathers is newly live at the lovely Collagist: "What the Fuck is an Electrolyte?" Thanks to Matt Bell for publishing this. This story features VHS workout tapes (stomped), checkerboard Vans, a cockroach running away from milk, purple sweatpants, a racist tennis coach, an "old Indian on a mountain bike, wearing a studded cowboy hat and hauling a rickshaw full of canned yams," and so much more, friends, so much more. This story is different from other stories in L!L!F because the protagonist doesn't want to feel anything. Other protagonists in L!L!F have issues with feeling, but they appreciate the opportunity to do so, at least. Not so much with Monty. This makes WTF flat and weird in tone and uncomfortable next to the other stories, which is like when there is a weird guy at the party who won't stop asking you if your fireplace is real. This is the sign—as we all know—of a top-notch party.


score one for the home team

Though I dispute the way the origin story excludes how Cheney and I made up doo-wop songs on the balcony outside the apartment, the rest of Rachel B Glaser's intro to this conversation is factual in spirit and zest. Check it out for our thoughts on everything from misspelled last names to huge-smelling stars.

If you're in New York on Friday, the Word Riot Press book release party for Look! Look! Feathers and Paula Bomer's Baby will be at KGB Bar this Friday the 17th at 7PM. More details here or on Facebook.

Other relevance involves day-old coffee. Someone with two adams-apples who was too restless about the snow to nap on the bus. Birthday pizza for my favorite lady. Cookie party in historic mansions. Sketchy kennels. Assigned reflection. My doppelganger Australian cricket coach has apparently been demoted. I wish him the courage to carry on in his stunted capacity.


we predict a seasonal suspension of suspicion spit

Sky too stubborn to snow. Has decided to shave our faces via wind. What else is new? I did an interview as Ada Lovelace. Feel like I might be the only fan Dale Earnhardt and Ada Lovelace have in common. Like I want to wear practical shoes and fancy umbrellas. Made a new RAD Poetry video for Christy Crutchfield with Carolyn and her cat Maude. Exhausting number of links. Had a computer conversation with a student. Hardware troubles. Feel like computers are the new cars in terms of the lay person always knows just enough about them to get themselves in hot water. Some interesting things I've seen lately include two old Puerto Rican twin ladies on the same bus and a Marine with a poodle. Two positive new reviews in decomP: L!L!F and All Good. Thanks, Spencer. Feel like my blog secretly aspires to be a parody of a Larry King parody. Not so secretly, I guess. What should I get you for Christmas? Should I get you a pictographic representation of the way my drowsy minutes before sleep always seem to slough memories of random overheard conversations like one between a street flutist and a meter maid? Should I get you a Rin Tin Tin costume? Should I get you Brazil? Should I get you gotten?