mastadon in a tar pit

A story from Look! Look! Feathers is newly live at the lovely Collagist: "What the Fuck is an Electrolyte?" Thanks to Matt Bell for publishing this. This story features VHS workout tapes (stomped), checkerboard Vans, a cockroach running away from milk, purple sweatpants, a racist tennis coach, an "old Indian on a mountain bike, wearing a studded cowboy hat and hauling a rickshaw full of canned yams," and so much more, friends, so much more. This story is different from other stories in L!L!F because the protagonist doesn't want to feel anything. Other protagonists in L!L!F have issues with feeling, but they appreciate the opportunity to do so, at least. Not so much with Monty. This makes WTF flat and weird in tone and uncomfortable next to the other stories, which is like when there is a weird guy at the party who won't stop asking you if your fireplace is real. This is the sign—as we all know—of a top-notch party.


DJ Berndt said...

Wow. That is a fantastic story. Very much enjoyed it. My favorite part was the second-to-last paragraph in the second-to-last section, the ones that starts, "Monty felt the urinal below his ass".

Amazing work.

Mike Young said...

thanks, DJ! =) i almost cut that paragraph for being over the top, haha. glad i did not.