innovation is an act of zombie conjure

Want some stuff to read? I answered some questions that might lead you to stuff over at Ravi Mangla's great blog and archive Recommended Reading. Books discussed/mentioned include Cloud Atlas, Nineteen Knives, Motorman, Moby Dick, The Weather Stations, Zereos and Ones, and a bunch of books with three letter titles. If you tried to put all those together you would get a motorman who finds nineteen knives demarcating different pages of his cloud atlas, all of which lead him on a journey to different weather stations, where he finds a man named Moby with tattoos of binary code on his member. We're all members of something, folks. Love is at the back of the crowd until it finds you. In the eyes of the universe, it's not that airports charge exorbitant prices for burritos, it's that death doesn't charge you anything.


it was over before you woke up

Had a killer time in Boston, even as a decidedly non-"local boy," flattered apologies to Time Out Boston. Carolyn and I trekked the three hours from Northampton, got swamped in traffic, and Carolyn explained the intricacies of every showtune we could find on the rental car's XM radio, intricacies I promptly forgot in favor of staring in terror at Carolyn's enthusiasm. Then we showed up and read and had a good time. Carolyn read a story about the Boston Molasses Disaster on the anniversary thereof, the audience was full of smart laughers and occasional bowties, and Gene Kwak was a dashing host. Reports indicated that people bought Look! Look! Feathers because I read the beginning of the baby story, and the people wanted to find out if the baby was "okay." Old fashioned suspense: I didn't mean to do it, but there you go. The next morning Gene's housemate John got everybody pastries. Carolyn and I drove home and listened to different decades of music and confidently diagrammed the progression of American pop in relation to American hair gel.

Some internet news: I went beserk participating in Largehearted Boy's respected and much-loved-by-me Book Notes series, matching every story in Feathers to a song and writing way too much and way too obnoxiously "skittery-do-dah." Check it out here, and thanks very much to David of LHB for letting me play.

Also, I wrote a blurb for a nonexistent book called Now They Turn Left, which is about a NASCAR driver named Hank Reckon dying on the last lap of the Daytona 500 and getting immediately replaced by a zombie version of Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and inventor of computer programming, who goes on an epic American roadtrip in Reckon's #00 car, which somehow turns into a #69 car as the blurb progresses. Why the hell did I write this ridiculous blurb? Why, for a conceptual anthology put together by Ben Segal and friends called The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature. In this Catalog, you'll find descriptions of "wished-for and ideal books" by a host of awesome folks, like Aimee Bender, Bhanu Kapil, David Ohle, Lance Olsen, Vanessa Place, Diane Williams, and a bunch of yuk yuk factories like yrs truly. Or falsely, as the project entails. Do your projects have tails? Are the manes of your projects destined for best-in-show? Do your projects demand expensive shampoo?



Come to the Boston launch party for Look! Look! Feathers at Brookline Booksmith this Friday @ 7PM. More details here. I will be reading with my lovely carrot cake. Thanks to Gene Kwak for setting it up. Friday is also National Forest Conservation Day (only observed in Thailand) and Anaïs Nin's birthday. Rumor has it we'll talk the paint off cars, so don't bring your car.


can't sink what you can't coax

Stuck in California thanks to snow. What the news media is calling a "winter bomb." If I can walk through the snow but planes can't fly through the snow, obviously someone needs to invent an intercontinental giant I can just ride in the back pocket of. In the meantime, I will invent a trashy fusion restaurant concept. The name of the restaurant will be HOW BOUT. Some items on the menu will be chicken tikka masala tacos, nacho quiche, hot dogs with kimchi instead of sauerkraut, and toquito egg rolls. Please give me more ideas for my trashy fusion restaurant. In other news, there were lotto tickets in the napkin dispensers of the Asian doughnut shop. There was a young man in a condo overlooking the Bay who smuggles vodka to his sister overseas, hiding it in contact solution bottles. There is the legend of KD Station in Sioux City, Iowa, with its cattle elevator, its costume shop. There was an archery range inside. There was a bowling alley fire. There was even a butcher shop, a glutton for nostalgia.


feathers in the fro

Hey eager beavers, some peeps have contacted me about ordering Look! Look! Feathers for themselves or their bookstores. Just to keep you in the loop: its official release date was December 31st, but it got delayed at the printers, which is messing up information with the distributor/Ingram/etc. The books arrived today at Word Riot, and Jackie from Word Riot will take care of all the distribution stuff. Thanks for ordering if you've ordered! Sorry about the delay!

I am thinking about recording a special CD of homemade songs to accompany LLF. Then I can bring this with me when I'm doing readings with Jamie Iredell in March. I will let you know if I make this and then you can email me and I will send CDs to people who order the book. In the meantime, if you've ordered the book and you haven't received it yet, just let me know your phone number and I will call you up and tell you an exaggerated story from my life in a Russian/Southern accent.