can't sink what you can't coax

Stuck in California thanks to snow. What the news media is calling a "winter bomb." If I can walk through the snow but planes can't fly through the snow, obviously someone needs to invent an intercontinental giant I can just ride in the back pocket of. In the meantime, I will invent a trashy fusion restaurant concept. The name of the restaurant will be HOW BOUT. Some items on the menu will be chicken tikka masala tacos, nacho quiche, hot dogs with kimchi instead of sauerkraut, and toquito egg rolls. Please give me more ideas for my trashy fusion restaurant. In other news, there were lotto tickets in the napkin dispensers of the Asian doughnut shop. There was a young man in a condo overlooking the Bay who smuggles vodka to his sister overseas, hiding it in contact solution bottles. There is the legend of KD Station in Sioux City, Iowa, with its cattle elevator, its costume shop. There was an archery range inside. There was a bowling alley fire. There was even a butcher shop, a glutton for nostalgia.

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