feathers in the fro

Hey eager beavers, some peeps have contacted me about ordering Look! Look! Feathers for themselves or their bookstores. Just to keep you in the loop: its official release date was December 31st, but it got delayed at the printers, which is messing up information with the distributor/Ingram/etc. The books arrived today at Word Riot, and Jackie from Word Riot will take care of all the distribution stuff. Thanks for ordering if you've ordered! Sorry about the delay!

I am thinking about recording a special CD of homemade songs to accompany LLF. Then I can bring this with me when I'm doing readings with Jamie Iredell in March. I will let you know if I make this and then you can email me and I will send CDs to people who order the book. In the meantime, if you've ordered the book and you haven't received it yet, just let me know your phone number and I will call you up and tell you an exaggerated story from my life in a Russian/Southern accent.


Tyler Gobble said...

Hey Mike.

Where are you doing readings at?

If you get close to Muncie, Indiana, I'd love to see you read and officially meet.

Also, if you need help setting up a reading around here, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Hope you are well.

Mike Young said...

hey dude, we're doing a tour down the west coast from seattle to l.a.

probably won't be able to make it to indiana this spring, but i'd love to visit/read at some point; seems like such a cool scene has sprung up around there and indianapolis, etc. i'm sort of figuring out things in a large way job-wise right now, but yeah, it would be great to make it out there at some point.

Tyler Gobble said...

Cool deal man. Best of luck with all that.