innovation is an act of zombie conjure

Want some stuff to read? I answered some questions that might lead you to stuff over at Ravi Mangla's great blog and archive Recommended Reading. Books discussed/mentioned include Cloud Atlas, Nineteen Knives, Motorman, Moby Dick, The Weather Stations, Zereos and Ones, and a bunch of books with three letter titles. If you tried to put all those together you would get a motorman who finds nineteen knives demarcating different pages of his cloud atlas, all of which lead him on a journey to different weather stations, where he finds a man named Moby with tattoos of binary code on his member. We're all members of something, folks. Love is at the back of the crowd until it finds you. In the eyes of the universe, it's not that airports charge exorbitant prices for burritos, it's that death doesn't charge you anything.

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