So listen, me and sweet friend and burly cook and beautiful sentimental drunk Jamie Iredell are westward bound. We are flying next Friday to Seattle to do a week of readings, to see friends and suss Spring and pound the blowtorches for our new books. Jamie's book is The Book of Freaks, a new Devil's Dictionary of unsullied America, by which I mean sullied, by which I mean America in actual. Mine is Look! Look! Feathers, which you're probably tired of me jittering about. If you're on the grizzlier coast, come hang out with us one of these days at one of these places (click for more info, addresses, etc):


* Pilot Books, Seattle WA (3/4/11 7PM)
* Ampersand, Portland OR (3/5/11 7:30PM)
* Ashland Public Library, Ashland OR (3/6/11 7PM)
* Rancho Parnassus, San Francisco CA (3/7/11 7PM)
* John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis CA (3/8/11 8PM)
* KKUP 91.5 FM, Cupertino (3/9/11 8PM)
* Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo CA (3/10/11 Time TBA)
* Skylight Books, Los Angeles CA (3/12/11 5PM)



Ryan said...

you read in the sfbay area during the 1 week I'm visiting MA!

Mike Young said...

bleghh! curses! it's okay, i will be back somewhere sometime

lorian said...

oh my gosh i am exxxxxcited

Bryan Coffelt said...

3 awesome posters. See you soon, dude.