did i find this tabasco or did someone leave it for me

A smattering of cool things from around the web:

1) You can listen to the reading from Skylight Books on their podcast: check it out. Jamie wins the crowd with his smack talk, and if you want to hear my Lemurian lager story [again], well, it's in there.

2) Tommy Pico and the awesome Birdsong zine asked me five questions. I talk about heroin addict advice, kimchi edit wars, and fantasy worlds on the back of multiplication table tests.

3) I bought an iPod from Bryan Coffelt. I am frightened. What will it do to me? I plan mostly to not use it and to stare reproachfully at it as it follows me around and learns my habits and waits for me outside the shower and one night kills me and redecorates my skull.

4) Matthew Simmons is doing this gracious wonderful thing where he writes about each story from Look! Look! Feathers on HTMLGIANT. He's kicked things off with the first story about canned peaches and violent malaise. Thanks, Matthew.

4.5) If I had an agent, they would tell me to ask you to write Amazon reviews for LLF. Some people don't even need agents for this kind of asking; they have agents inside themselves, already, whispering gurgles of energy that slowly push these people toward mirrors and things that could pass for mirrors. Maybe you could write Amazon reviews for LLF or you could write messages to me in the form of Amazon reviews, since I am always looking on my Amazon page anyway. Probably there isn't anything you want to send me a message about, so maybe you could just write recaps of exciting sports events you've seen and post them as Amazon reviews.

5) Totally stoked to send out galleys for Ofelia Hunt's forthcoming (May) novel Today & Tomorrow. Gonna write up a press release and get the show on the road.

6) What about you? What is your new thing? What did I miss while I was on the Best Coast? Has anyone conceived of a good miniature nuclear reactor suicide method yet? Have you seen Trash Humpers? Even if I'm not a girl, can I do that thing where my shirt droops at one of its shoulders? I feel like that is the sexiest thing in the history.


DJ Berndt said...

I really want to start telling people to say "ahead" now. I think I'm going to say it in a way that makes people think I'm really passionate about it. Hooray for the wisdom of T-Poe!

Mike Young said...

it's a good stand to take, and i take it often by taking off running