world of litcraft part 3

Well, it's all done. Jamie has done a great job recapping the final bits of the tour HERE and HERE. And I have nothing substantive to add, except to echo Jamie's gratitude to everyone who hosted us and came out to see us. And thanks to Matt and Nicole for rescuing me for a few hours from LAX, taking me whale watching and skeeball tossing. Also worth noting is that Jamie's first book, Prose. Poems. A Novel, which is great and which NOÖ reviewed, is now available as an e-book, with a portion of the proceeds going to Global Giving's Japanese tsunami relief fund. Jamie is a slam of a writer and a really solid dude. I feel lucky to have had so much experience and antipasto with him.

Now it's off to New York next Sunday for SODA Series #6. Also you can read two new poems in BOMB: "America Is America's Most Prominent Homosexual Sci-Fi Author" & "Keystroke Your Face." Thanks to Peter Moysaenko for putting those up. Meanwhile the nuclear reactors are melting and the vans are being swept against the bridges and everything is fucked. Have a good one.

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