cleaned my house and now netflix has one more copy of annie hall back, congratulations annie and netflix

So down in the nation's capitol again this weekend, and Baltimore, to hang out with great folks and talk about sentences in poetry and finally eat chili dogs at the famous chili dog place. They have pictures of Ghostface Killah and Larry King eating chili dogs. The chili dog girl was dancing along with the radio and asked me if I wanted anything to drink with my half-smoke, and I said, okay, yes, a glass of water, and she pointed her spatula at me in a very authoritative way. Thanks to Mark C and Laura for shepherding me toward chili dogdom. And thanks to the ever wizardly Adam Robinson for long conversations into the night, gracious hosting, and driving me to Royal Farms very late at night to buy fried chicken and smoothies. And to Michael Kimball and Barrelhouse and Joe Young and Stephanie Red Shawl and Birthday Justin Ukulele National Anthem Jasper Johns Cake.

Dan Wickett at Emerging Writers Review did a really nice little write-up about All Good for National Packing Tape Month. He understands my holistic life philosophy when he says: "The list of things that get brought up, again seemingly randomly, throughout this collection is immense: Craigslist, MySpace, emoticons, antelopes, NyQuil, The Decemberists, and the list just goes on and on. But each of these is important to somebody or they wouldn't exist, or co-exist with each other." Co-existence is all there is. Birds keep choosing or not choosing my window. Garage doors open for no reason. Presidents steal pens. Engineers design machines to shrinkwrap things, and during the troubleshooting process something funny inevitably happens. Someone who works at your favorite restaurant steals steak knives from the discount store and robs the bank across the street, but he's tackled. People do or do not understand your personality based on the subletting ad you post on Craigslist. My stand is for replacing my shrunken, over-focused subjective experience of the world with the world itself, and also for spicier pickles.

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Mark C said...

I haven't bought a chili dog since, but if I ever do again, I hope the vendor has the same sort of sass and pizazz as the chili dog vendor mentioned in this post.