but now i can't use the curbstomp line as the post title

Totally zonked on Sherlock and word origins, but here is a spray of em dashes to consider:

Players by DeLillo: amazing. Running Dog: not as good, very fun.

—Dobby Gibson is doing Poetry Crossfire and it's better than guaranteed financial collapse of the world's grooviest superpower. Ben Mirov and I faced off over Bei Dao's "Morning."

30 Under 30, an anthology of words by folks who barely know how to shave—edited by Blake Butler and Lily Hoang—is now out. You should put it in your DVD player to express your outrage over Netflix's policy changes. You're welcome.

—Carrot cake conspiracy in the Advocate, which is something I advocate. What she says is "My actual songs don't seem political, but they are; they're about oppression and liberation of bodies—and not just human ones—and mourning, witnessing and healing at both political and personal levels."

—Speaking of carrot cake, the new Dinosaur Bees is a blast, and the new NOÖ Weekly is a blast of scuff-eyed soul.

—Finally, thanks to Tyler Gobble for reading my poem "Is That It's You" for a big audio thing on Small Doggies. Beat the heat. Curbstomp the heat until its teeth fall out.