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A couple quickies:

—Very excited that I'm going to Thailand in late December to visit Carrot Cake Zaikowski! Thanks to everybody who signed up for my Barrelhouse poetry workshop or spread the word about it, and of course thanks to Barrelhouse! How about poetry, huh?

NOÖ [13] is out! You should read NOÖ [13] if you like  dance-offs, Russian salads, laundromats outside of burnt down malls, people who give you their ADD medication for your birthday, Ivan Lendl nostalgia, Hawaiians with machine guns, fake boyfriends, people who marry houses, confused police, sisters who are boxes of snakes, sisters who threaten you with ginsu knives, pummelhorsing social compromise, meat screams, oysters collected by widows, letters to jailed Lil Wayne, hearts too full of apples and wind, slut bags, triangle booth sandwiches, fucktrys, lung balloons, the bicycle in the wrong part of the neighborhood, the fast snapping motion of a neck during the fickle stages of a swan-dive, whiskey & chocolate, roller hockey coaches, furniture apocalypses, people who swallow entire friends, and eerie floating underwear.

—Speaking of NOÖ, Juan Carlos Reyes very kindly interviewed me about it for a profile on Zine Scene, which you can read by clicking here. Thanks, Juan!

Dark Sky 14 is new on the website and Dark Sky 13 is available to order. Both are the best supermarket dolce de leche cake you've ever eaten, which I know seems like a paradox (both?!) but trust me. I wish I knew how they did that 3D book looking thing.


October 14th 2011

** UPDATE: Bloomberg hoses can't power wash democracy. "Cleanup" cancelled thanks to the work and presence of 3000+ people in the square and 300,000+ people all over. This is what happens when it's the people who are too big to fail. ***  

Of course you've seen the We Are the 99 Percent Tumblr (in fact I'm plagiarizing my own post from HTMLGIANT for the rest of this paragraph!), but here it is again. It’s PostFrankness instead of PostSecret. Camwhore angles repurposed for a who’s-there roll call in the deep effed.

Now I'm going to plagiarize myself from Facebook, and I'm not even going to add capital letters!

*** new york friends: drink some coffee, stay up late, roast some marshmallows, tell some ghost stories, save a populist uprising, and annoy your future grandkids when your great-grandkids beg you to tell them on the 3D iDingle chat how you were sitting in the park on that same October 14th their favorite history teacher talks about: http://occupywallst.org/article/emergency-call-action-prevent-forcible-closure-occ/ (seriously, of course: PLEASE STAY SAFE IN CA Conrad CAPS LOCK SERIOUS TIME, and READ THE STRATEGIES FOR NON VIOLENT RESISTANCE) — i feel like kind of a pringle for not being there myself right now, but i hope this here echo on this blue website means itself in the right direction ***

And look at that, my blog is blue too! Synchronicity. Seriously, yo:
if you support the movement, please make sure to let your NYC friends know what's going down and know the seriousness of this. Jim Berhle is going to be there dressed as Santa. I will be waking up at 6AM to watch the Livestream: http://occupystream.com/. 10/14 isn't a cute looking date, but let's hope we learn what it will be there to mean.

And heck, since the rest of this is me catching this blog up with what I've said elsewhere, let me end by saying what I said to someone who said the following on HTMLGIANT: "
I don't understand this. I live in the Bay Area. I am a dirty punk. oi. All my friends are dirty punks. We all have jobs and places to live. So are we the 1%?"

(Which is not at all an unreasonable testimony of lifestyle and experience, and a sentiment I think understandable by not only those who self-identify as DIY dirty punks but by all who aren't sure whether they can "relate" to the Occupy movement).

This is what I said: "sounds like you have made decisions in and about your life that make it hard to relate immediately to some of the stories on this tumblr, and i'm with you on that.

personally i make a choice not to have a car, not to have kids, etc. the dirty punk/gypsy lifestyle can be joyfully sustainable and always has been. carl sandburg loved the accordion players by the river. of course: it helps to be young and able-bodied and healthy in an urban place like the Bay Area with lots of cool cultural resources, excellent public transportation, and america's breadbasket for a babushka. but not everybody wants to (or is able to) live in those contexts, and that's not unreasonable.

i think a project like this 99% thing is about recognizing a large-scale collapse of the ability to lead certain kinds of lifestyles that shouldn't be unreasonable: lifestyles that enable raising and feeding children and caring for the rest of your family and living in your own house and taking care of your body without the entire social infrastructure stacked against you like some impossible video game puzzle where a handful use their cheat codes to make it harder for everybody else.

it's totally cool if you don't want to play the game—neither do i—and it's even more reasonable to point out that the game represents a pretty elevated level of privilege compared to the rest of the world. but neither of those things really negates the fact that it kinda sucks to watch so many people around you get the GAME OVER over and over."

how snoop hair look? / hair look good, girl

Pretty exhausting few weeks, but good stuff. Stuff is good. Stuff is stuff. Your stuff isn't you, whatever that stupid Norton commercial says. Your you is you, and your stuff is just there to hide your dandruff in.

Thanks to Ryan Call and Matthew Salesses for running "Mosquito Fog" at the Good Men Project. It's a long story about driving a mosquito fogging truck and eating fajitas and being sad and how sadness is a see-through ghost and dawn looks really pretty on the needles of digger pines but doesn't prevent sadness, and it's basically too long to read on the web and too sad to read, period. So have a look!

What's not sad is that I am teaching an online poetry workshop for the awesome folks at Barrelhouse. It will be 8 weeks long, full of multimedia and fun. Tentative and seasoned poetasters welcome alike. Poem-tazers, even. Anyone in the world can participate, and no one will make fun of your accent. If you could spread the word to interested friends, I will love you forever and build a tiny action figure of you that highlights all your best features and obscures your trouble spots. Along with the workshopping, part of the plan is i will look at full poetry manuscripts for people and offer suggestions, places to send the poems/manuscripts, other poets who might be interesting/helpful to read, all that good stuff.

I am really trying to do this whole thing in as non-skeezy and helpful a way as possible. The cost of it is to cover the time spent and (full disclosure) to help me be able to visit Carolyn in Thailand,
so if you support love and/or airplanes, you can factor that in. I feel like this is something I am genuinely good at and passionate about, and I know a lot of people in this world rarely get the opportunity to get paid to do they love, so I feel excited and grateful that Barrelhouse is presenting me this opportunity. The workshop starts October 24th, costs $175, and there are 4 seats left

Speaking of places to sit: pretty exciting few weeks, right, world? I mean, isn't it exciting how I Skype with Carolyn and put my legless Admiral Kirk action figure in front of the camera? Oh, wait, I think there's more? (This is the cliffhanger ending of this blog post to highlight the important blog post I'm about to make that isn't just about me and Admiral Kirk but is actually about most of us and our ability to do that living stuff) ...