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A couple quickies:

—Very excited that I'm going to Thailand in late December to visit Carrot Cake Zaikowski! Thanks to everybody who signed up for my Barrelhouse poetry workshop or spread the word about it, and of course thanks to Barrelhouse! How about poetry, huh?

NOÖ [13] is out! You should read NOÖ [13] if you like  dance-offs, Russian salads, laundromats outside of burnt down malls, people who give you their ADD medication for your birthday, Ivan Lendl nostalgia, Hawaiians with machine guns, fake boyfriends, people who marry houses, confused police, sisters who are boxes of snakes, sisters who threaten you with ginsu knives, pummelhorsing social compromise, meat screams, oysters collected by widows, letters to jailed Lil Wayne, hearts too full of apples and wind, slut bags, triangle booth sandwiches, fucktrys, lung balloons, the bicycle in the wrong part of the neighborhood, the fast snapping motion of a neck during the fickle stages of a swan-dive, whiskey & chocolate, roller hockey coaches, furniture apocalypses, people who swallow entire friends, and eerie floating underwear.

—Speaking of NOÖ, Juan Carlos Reyes very kindly interviewed me about it for a profile on Zine Scene, which you can read by clicking here. Thanks, Juan!

Dark Sky 14 is new on the website and Dark Sky 13 is available to order. Both are the best supermarket dolce de leche cake you've ever eaten, which I know seems like a paradox (both?!) but trust me. I wish I knew how they did that 3D book looking thing.

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