sell me a sand trap and tell me you're floating

Everybody's got their wait for the busted dryer. We've all got our terrible TV pilots about small potatoes political campaigns. And yes, every single person has that weird spaceship/lion collage above the light switch. It's like why bother, right? Wake me up when you figure out why details exist.

That's my preamble. My amble is multifold:

One book I really think might spook you in the best long-winter-of-the-soul way is a book of poems by Mr. Edward Mullany called If I Falter at the Gallows

—Hope to see you soon in Boston, DC, Chicago, New York, and/or Richmond. Check out the list to the right to see where you can find me and tell me nothing I write will ever be as good as The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll and how annoying my beard is.

—Many thanks to Chester College for having me visit and talk to people and read some work. So many fun and smart people there. I really dig the whole tender-hearted art freak sleepaway in the forest vibe. New Hampshire! You are full of surprises. Tender thanks owed to a lot of people, especially Mark and Laura for their instigating and adventuring, and the awesome faculty at Chester (Monica, Chris, Tim, Jenn) for their woodsy alchemy. I did a little video poem thing for Chester's "In Place" series while I was there. They wouldn't let me stand on the backhoe, but I did get to work with a guy named Kyle Petty. He wasn't the race car driver, but he was very handy. Meg Cameron recorded the sound and helped me make sure I didn't eat the microphone. The poem is called "Can We Get Ice Cream at This Hour" (thanks again to Mark and Laura for originally running it in Big Lucks!) and you can watch it by clicking on some triangles:

08 - Mike Young - Can We Get Ice Cream At This Hour? from In Place on Vimeo.


Michael Filippone said...

I love the video.

Is The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll all it's cracked up to be? I've been wanting to read that one for a while. I read The Long Ships and it was definitely as good the reader reviews said it would be. I just don't know how NYRB Classics can keep pumping out the gold. They have to have published an Achilles heal at some point, right?

Mike Young said...

Oh it's so good. It harkens to such romance that it makes me want to use "such" as an adjective, which is more romantic than using "so much," which means I guess more archaic, and it is definitely archaic--in mode, in ideology, in gesture, in plot, in and out of the harbor--but in that awesome capital A sense of archaic, where you recognize "oh this is outdated but not just in the past-the-sell-date way, in the way that it feels literally out of any dating structure, it feels like of course this is an old-timey episodic picaresque but suddenly I feel like everything I learned about those words is wrong, history is so much weirder than the sepia of it suggests" and so on, yes, so good.

kerry lillian said...

paroozing your blog. i have no words. i have no fucking words.

kerry lillian said...

"im floating"

Mike Young said...

haha, thanks kerry! obviously i need to update it. baseball is back, levon helm is dead, and it's even my birthday. poor blog is in a laggy reality.

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